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Designed to adapt to your life and space.

Fully Assembled

Unbox in seconds. No assembly required.

"I went from opening the box to using my desk in less than one minute!
All without tools."
- Christina, San Francisco

Work Flexibly

Fold and carry to change workspaces, or store away. 

"I love that I can move my desk around the room and the house — even outside — so I don't feel so confined working from home." 
- Alyson, New York 

aa PXL_20220202_172914364.jpg

Smart Design

Simple, versatile, functional. 

"The built-in organization features keep my workspace clutter-free."
- Tyler, New York 


Product Details

aa P1.jpg



  • Built-in dock for devices and accessories

  • Foldable center cord cover

  • Desk leg pegs for hanging bags, coats, and headphones

  • Built-in handle for carrying comfortably

  • Rear mug notch to limit spills        

  • Desk wall mount included for console set-up & no-tip safety

  • Scratch-resistant oak finish



  • Weight: 34 pounds

  • L 44" x H 30" x W 26" (6" folded)


Moonlab Desks are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 

Product Benefits

DSC02907 copy.jpg

"The future of work is flexibility."
- Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

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